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We at Hettich Labinstrument AB have served our customers in healthcare, research and industry since 1994. We have evolved to become a total provider that serves the needs of our customers for advanced modern technical equipment and service. We have achieved a level of capacity and trust thanks to the positive development in Sweden and our longstanding cooperation with our leading international producers. Therefore we can say with confidence: "We already meet the demands of the future".

As our customer you have access to all the new technology, knowledge and development of centrifuges, incubators, microbiological automation, blood safety products and many other. Microbiological automation is gaining ground. The safety products of Greiner Bio-One meet the highest safety standards and our customer are involved in the developing process. 

As a natural step in our development, Hettich Labinstrument is now a part of the AddVise-Group. With a broader economic foundation and new possibilities we are looking towards a bright future. If you have not been in contact with us earlier we welcome you to do so.

Velcome as our customer!

Therese Enström CEO

Our partners

Hettich Labinstrument has developed a positive and longstanding cooperation with the leading producers of healthcare products and laboratory instruments in the world. Companies like Hettich, Memmert, Greiner Bio-One, Deltalab, NTE Seiner and Kern are all in front positions within their fields. Click on the logos to the left and go directly to their websites.


All of our products are produced in ISO certificated processes. We have our own quality system based on the ISO standards. Our Quality Assurance makes sure your experience is registered and will be feedback for further development by the producers. Download our ISO certificates and Environmental Policy here.


Hettich Labinstrument are compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we process personal data. 

Download our Privacy Policy here


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Hettich Labinstrument only offer products that are produced in ISO-certified processes.

Our products have the CE trade mark and fullfills EU demands.


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